World Environment Day.

Central Square For Nature
Central Square the boutique shopping area at the heart of Menlyn Maine, is proud to be part of the Menlyn Maine neighbourhood. In support of World Environment Day (5 June 2020) we bring to light a few ways that the design and architecture support the environment.

What goes on between the buildings is more important than the buildings themselves. Design factors taken into consideration include traffic flow, parking and public transport, pedestrianisation and cycle friendliness, sunshine and shading. Well-planned lighting and fresh air from retractable glazed roofs provide an abundance of natural light and fresh air, contributing to a reduction in the use of electricity, and therefore carbon emissions.

Walkability = Low emissions
The characteristics of sustainable neighbourhoods include high levels of walkability, a sense of place and open spaces between buildings. Central Square is nestled in the centre of the vibrant green city neighbourhood of Menlyn Maine. Here people will meet friends and relax. The recent pandemic has been a stark reminder of the human impact on nature. As we add our voice to the environmental movement as we remind ourselves of the ethos behind green-responsive design at Central Square – A human-friendly scale “village square” surrounded by a superb mix of restaurants and eateries that spill out the piazza, breathing life into the shopping zone.

Walkability = Low emissions
The design of Menlyn Maine incorporates sustainable stormwater management, refuse management, recycling and heat island elimination. Many buildings have been planned with rooftop spaces for urban gardens, allowing for food production and chill spaces. Did you know that the fountains at Central Square harness wind energy to make them bubble and gurgle?

Electrical car charging point
Central Square Menlyn Maine is part of the national charge point network. Although still in its infancy, the electric vehicle (EV) market is gaining momentum with the latest reports showing that the SA market has doubled over the last year. As we become more aware of the impact of pollution of the environment and as we become more comfortable that a battery can get you there, South Africans are taking to the technology. The EV charge point at Central Square, Menlyn Maine can be found in the car park off Aramist Ave near the Woolies and tashas entrance. Take in a quick shop as your vehicle charges safely.