Win Vouchers from the Brand New Menlyn Maine Central Square


Where would we be without Google? In fact, when you start typing “Where would we be without…” into the Google search bar, what possible answers would you get? Well, Google would be one way of completing that sentence on Google itself?That brings us to Google Box, a fun and innovative new feature running on Martin Bester Drive.Every day around 16:20, the team gets one listener on the line to play.Except, in an unexpected turn of events that not even Google would be able to predict, the listener has to do nothing for a chance to win.



The team then has only 7 seconds to throw out random guesses as to what the most searched for line or outcome will be.If the team throws out a correct guess within the given time frame, then you win a prize.If they can’t complete what google says, then you don’t win anything.We have lined up vouchers from SPAR, Cape Union Mart, Ribs’n Burgers, Freddys, and The Laser Boutique for you to win this week!

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