The fitness and wellness industry has exploded and bombarded us with way too much information to handle. The overwhelming thought of not being sure of what to do or whose workout is the best sometimes makes one look the other way. 

My advice is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. It is naive to think the average person can, or wants to follow a strict diet for the rest of their life. If a diet requires you to live in a fantasy world where things will always go according to plan, it isn’t a diet worth following. 

Explore everything! Find things that you love and don’t force it, you will know when it gives you that feeling. Once you have that feeling, grow into it and make it part of your everyday lifestyle.

Here are my top ten hacks to start trying healthier and happier things:

  1. Try something naked – No, get your mind out the gutter! Instead of a burger bun, ask for your burger to be wrapped in lettuce.
  2. Experience things you have never done before. I went to a Secret Sunrise session 5 years ago and guess what? That one session ignited a spark within me and here I am 5 years later, a fitness superstar. Visit your nearest fitness studio and try it out.
  1. Get out! Sunlight and fresh air does the body good, so try hiking when you can. 
  1. Meditation is perfect for keeping you focused. YouTube has plenty of free videos to get you feeling serene. 
  1. Yoga is amazing! If you want to break any bad habit, do a yoga session for 30 days in a row. Trust me, that habit will be gone. 
  1. Don’t shop when you are hungry.
  1. Set mini realistic and try not to aim too high. 
  1. Be kind to yourself! 
  1. Get enough sleep because it does wonders for your day. 
  1. Replace full cream with low fat and sugar with sugar-free drinks.

In closing, make sure that FUN is eventually the centre of everything. If it is not fun, it might end up being temporary and not a lifestyle.  

  • That Fun Fit Guy