Grobank first entered the market in 1947 as the South African Bank of Athens, delivering world-class business banking services through a team of highly experienced, dedicated relationship managers. Their reputation was built on being a leading business banking service built from a base of relationships, as well as market-leading, niche alliance banking operating in partnership with businesses. Good relationships, insight and true collaboration defined its success – “people helping people” has always mattered.

Grobank has placed the changing needs of clients first, looking to find ways to advance their offering and meet what matters. In answer to a growing market gap, a partnership with AGH has seen Grobank evolve to take advantage of shared knowledge of business, and the food and agriculture industry, to focus on the holistic food and agricultural value chain, from seed to service.

Today Grobank operates as a commercial expert across every area of this value chain, whilst also offering an expanding range of capabilities and services to businesses outside of this sector.

The food and business offering, coupled with continuous leadership in the alliance banking market, as well as a service-driven attitude to banking, means a bank that truly offers something that is wholly unique.

It’s what mattered most to them then and it’s what matters most to them now.

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