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Our fresh, hot, succulent burgers and eight hour slow cooked ribs are known to stop the clock. Not to mention our friendly service, cosy vintage furnishings and warm welcoming atmosphere. A meal at Ribs & Burgers is like stepping back in time, to a restaurant started by your local butcher who decided to put their cooking advice into practice.


It starts with ‘real ingredients’. The grills crackle with hand prepared, grass fed, hormone free, 100% pure beef patties and free range chicken breasts made to order the way great burgers should be for a rich and natural taste.


The foundation is the bun made up of organic flour, which we toast slightly on the inside until it is nice and golden brown. This gives it strength as well as a soft, chewy texture which won’t stick to the roof of your mouth. Once we have the base and have added all the fresh ingredients, we pluck our char grilled ‘hero’ from the open flame and place it on top. The hot basted patty settles on the leaves with its warm juices filtering down to the base for an ‘all through’ rich taste. Well balanced and prepared for a burger experience we trust you’ll appreciate

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