Rent A Lambo


Unleash your inner child with a pleasure drive from Rent-A-Lambo. Yes, you can now rent a Lambo or Ferrari for a 75-minute total experience of around 30km. The drive-around incudes unlimited pictures and video plus THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! You drive the vehicle yourself and you can choose from a range of Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Choose to go with a friend and swap supercars along the way. Every ride is filmed on a GoPro and can be live-streamed as you drive so that you can share your experience with your friends live on the road.


Enjoy this Supercar once-in-a-lifetime experience whilst your family watches the broadcast live on monitors in the comfort of the Rent-A-Lambo showroom. They will feel the thrill as if they are in the car with you.


Every moment is captured for you to enjoy again later.


Shop 300b, lower shopping level

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Monday to Sunday 10h00 – 21h00
Closed on certain holidays, please check booking pages for info

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