NuHuman Transformation Clinic


NuHuman is the very first health and wellness facility of its kind. With specific patents and a scientific platform on which true and permanent human transformation can take place, NuHuman is the epitome of holistic health and wellness. NuHuman is suitable for all humans and conditions, designed to optimise personal health via weight loss, training, nutrition, energy, and improved disease management.


NuHuman is the only gym in South Africa that utilises Red Light Laser Therapy while you train. This added benefit is included in our training packages. The anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits of this are outstanding.


All our consultations (initial and ongoing) with our biochemists or geneticists are free. These specialists are available at any time for you to address your health or any specialised test we offer at NuHuman. Our in-house members can sit with you daily, weekly, or monthly.


Nuhuman also gives you access to a wide variety of nutraceuticals that fit your health needs. We will help take the guesswork out of selecting the right supplements for you.

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