Menlyn Maine goes green

The new Menlyn Maine shopping centre aims to become Africa’s first green city.

The design of the shopping centre is based on new urbanism principles. To celebrate this, residents had an opportunity to paint one of the many sculptures at the centre.

According to sculptor Anton Smit the sculpture will be used as a playing area where children will have the opportunity to add their own design to the artwork.

“We want to promote an alternative approach to the centre. We will do this by using signs that indicate things like, ‘please walk on the grass’, other than ‘stay off the grass’,” he said.

“These days, part of creating a successful urban design necessarily includes an approach which takes the quality of the surrounding environment into consideration.

“Keeping with the new urbanist ideals of creating walkable, liveable mixed use environments, Menlyn Maine is aiming to obtain a ‘LEED Neighbourhood Design’ certification for its urban space design.”

In addition, all buildings in the centre are aiming for a minimum four-star green star SA rating.

Menlyn Maine is also partnering with the Clinton foundation climate positive development programme to establish a road map towards achieving carbon neutrality in the South African environment.


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