Be the Host of All with Carrol Boyes latest luxurious creation

We have welcomed her into our lives as she adorns us with timeless jewellery and her body care range. She has embellished our homes with her captivating iconic pieces, ranging from cutlery to home decor. Now the brilliant Carrol Boyes has created a new statement cutlery canteen befittingly named ‘Host of All- Cut Above.’ 

This distinctive aluminium sculpture neatly nests a 24-piece cutlery set-  Cut Above. Boyes offers luxury whilst entertaining your guests as the perfect host. The new collectors piece is testament toBoyes’ style in design. She has a deep admiration for the human form and this we find in her countless creations. Host of All – Cut Above is no different as it emanates what we have come to love about the artist’s charming designs.

This special piece was conceptualised by Carrol and her brother Charles and as she has been creating statement sculptures that have become cherished collectors items, the breathtaking design is the ultimate expression of sophisticated dining. Here’s to Boyes continuously creating functional art that turns homes into galleries that spark enchanting curiosity. Enjoy the story behind the journey of the timeless Host of All- Cut Above on Carrol Boyes YouTube channel ––OrLl4KM.


Get this premium collector’s piece designed for your home.

Available in all Carrol Boyes Retail Stores and online: R18 499.00