Creativity takes courage – Henri Matisse

The mind of the creative is a strange and glorious wonder, with the magical ability to make one see the human experience through different eyes. As Central Square, Menlyn Maine aims to push the boundaries of its architectural style, so does it love to exhibit art that challenges the mind.  

South African sculptor, Anton Smit, captures the spirit of Tshwane beautifully with his array of pieces exploring suffering, reconciliation, glory and redemption. His pieces can be seen dotted all over the centre and in the Menlyn Maine precinct.

His body of work contains a mixture of human figures, hands, faces, the human form, mostly floating and incorporating  movement and gestures. Anton expresses a deep fascination with the human condition, as told below:

“Man himself then is mouthpiece, medium and meaning all in one, and his challenge as an artist is to create himself over and over again, finding new connotations and new concepts in given shapes, figures and faces”

The art creates an experience for visitors to the neighbourhood and celebrates the unison of green living and a celebration of life.

In the spirit of showcasing local art, we have introduced MBW Art to Central Square, Menlyn Maine. The gallery houses a variety of canvas artworks from local artists to make any house a home. MBW also provides gifting, ornaments, artwork printing and art restoration. 

Come and enjoy the Central Square, Menlyn Maine art experience for yourself! Click here!